Comprehensive Care: MS and Neurology Services

Same Day Neurology Consult

CNS & MS Institute provides you an individualized pathway and same day access to Multiple Sclerosis care (MS) with your personal MS Neurologist, including initial consultation and long-term management.

Multiple Sclerosis Care: Join Our Practice Today

Choose Your Individualized Pathway to MS Care:

  • Scheduled Traditional Appointments - $175 per visit
    For patients that are not members, traditional live, in person office visits with a board certified Neurologist are also available.
  • Executive MS Health Membership - Annual Fee $900
    We pledge immediate same day access to a board certified Neurologist specializing in MS with a goal to identify Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and rapidly institute an effective comprehensive treatment strategy within 1-2 weeks of contact. Full access to:
    > Telemedicine is a powerful tool for consulting and monitoring MS patients from the comfort of your home or convenience from your office or while on the road.
    > Traditional in-office visit with a Board-Certified Neurologist.
    > Group visits - group visits are a very effective method in somatic and psychological rehabilitation for MS patients.
    > "Coffee with the Doc" round table discussion and question answer session.

Comprehensive Neurology Services

In addition to treating MS, Dr. Mankowski and his affiliates provide comprehensive consultations, neurophysiological testing (EMG, EEG), follow-up care and long term management. Some of the more commonly diagnosed and treated conditions include:

  • Stroke 
  • Bell’s Palsy 
  • Memory disorders 
  • Migraine/headache 
  • Neuromuscular disorder/neuropathy 
  • Parkinson's Disease

Symptom Management Clinics

  • Fatigue Management - fatigue is commonly a disabling symptom in persons with MS, affecting almost 80% of MS patients. Both pharmacological and nonpharmacological interventions are used in combination, encompassing a multidisciplinary treatment strategy.
  • Balance & Gait Management - balance problems can be addressed by sticking to a program that is safe, yet pushes you to your limits. The program may use several techniques, including vestibular exercises, compensation techniques and symptom management.
  • Cognition & Mood dysfunction - greater than 50% of all people with MS will develop problems with cognitive functioning and/ or mood changes. Loss of myelin around nerve fibers can cause difficulty with transporting memories to storage areas of the brain or retrieving them from storage areas. Comprehensive treatment strategies can improve function and happiness.
  • Bladder & Bowel dysfunction - very common for people with MS - estimated at 2 out of 3 patients. Goals for bladder and bowel management include maximizing independence and preventing incontinence and complications.
  • Sexual dysfunction - sexual problems are often experienced by people with MS. But, there are steps that can be taken to improve sexual function and intimacy, despite MS.

Infusion Center at Decillion Healthcare

The Decillion Infusion Center of Dublin* is committed to providing quality infusion services, comfort and peace of mind to our patients. Under the oversight of our Medical Director, Dr. Mankowski, our on-staff registered nurses and pharmacists manage the infusion of specialty medications for our patients.

  • Evening and Saturday hours available
  • Appointments at our Dublin and Gahanna locations